Selling home is all about ‘curb appeal’

If you are a home seller, real estate agent or a homeownerwho cares about how a home looks from the street, “Curb Appeal IdeaBook” by Mary Ellen Polson will anticipate your questions and help youshow a home at its best.?

“You only have one chance to make a firstimpression” is an overused but extremely true phrase when it comes to homesales, as the author thoroughly understands. However, while studying thisunusual book, I couldn’t help notice Polson presents hundreds of beautifulcolor photos of houses but she fails to cast even one critical word.

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As I read this one-of-a-kind book, I was very impressed bythe wide variety of the hundreds of color photos of many different types ofhomes. Where the author located all these unique houses to illustrate hertopics is hard to understand.

Although the author and photographers went to great effortsto find houses that are excellent examples of the topics under discussion, itwould have been very helpful if Polson added critical comments such as”This house’s curb appeal could be enhanced by adding a Japanese mapletree or planting evergreens to add warmth to the structure.”

One thing all the color photographs have in common is freshpaint on the houses. Everything, including the patio and front porch furniture,is in pristine, near-perfect condition to add to the home’s curb appeal.

But this very complete book isn’t just about addingattractive landscaping to enhance a home’s curb appeal. It is also about homecomponents, such as roofing materials, windows and doors, which all addattractiveness.

There are a few before-and-after houses shown, but thesewere major makeover projects to enhance the attractiveness and usefulness ofthe homes. “Big bucks” were obviously spent to re-do the houses andtheir landscaping to transform the exteriors.

Some of the older homes photographed before and after arevirtually impossible to recognize after their major upgrades, which greatlyenhanced their curb appeal. It would have been helpful to readers to see photosof less intense and less expensive renovations.

Chapter topics include “Style on the Outside”;”Exterior Appearances”; “The Entry”; “TheApproach”; and “Supporting Players: Fences, Walls, Gates, Driveways,and Garages.”

As the book’s title says, this is an “idea book”about enhancing a home’s curb appeal. It is structured so a homeowner can pointto a photo and say, “That’s what I like.” But occasionally I lookedat some photos and said “yuk!” On my scale of one to 10, thisbeautiful book rates a solid 10.

“Curb Appeal Idea Book,” by Mary Ellen Polson(Taunton Press, Newtown, CT), 2006, $19.95, 165 pages; Available in stock or byspecial order at local bookstores, public libraries, and

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