Manufactured home can be lousy investment

DEAR BOB: In 2003 we bought a modular home and had it set upon a lot we owned. After all the expenses of having a foundation built,plumbing and wiring installed, etc., when we sold it in late 2006 we barely gotour investment out. We learned modular homes can be lousy investments. Do wehave to report this sale to the IRS? –Thomas R.

DEAR THOMAS: If your sales proceeds did not equal the amountyou invested in the modular home and the cost of the lot, then you had nocapital gain profit. But the sale must be reported on Schedule D of your incometax returns, although no tax will be due if you had no profit.

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However, if the home was your principal residence for atleast 24 of the last 60 months before its sale, then Internal Revenue Code 121does not require you to report the sale unless your capital gain exceeded$250,000 (or more than $500,000 for a married couple filing a joint taxreturn). For full details, please consult your tax adviser.


DEAR BOB: My dad died in 2005. No will. Mom passed away in1999. He left his house worth around $500,000. There are five adult children. Hisestate has been in probate almost two years, with no sign of any conclusionsoon. Dad left debts of about $125,000. The estate executor has sold off dad’scar, furniture, etc., to pay the unsecured debts. But there was a $40,000mortgage on the house. I think we should sell the house to pay off the mortgageand then split the proceeds. But two sisters refuse to agree to the house sale.What can we do? –Ralph S.

DEAR RALPH: Before the estate assets can be distributed tothe heirs, which I presume are the five offspring, the estate debts must bepaid. If there are not enough liquid assets to pay the debts, such as personalproperty, stocks, bonds, and bank accounts, then the house will have to be soldeven though the two sisters don’t want to sell.

In most cases, it will be the probate court judge who makesthe final decision if the estate administrator can’t reach a consensus with theheirs.

Your situation shows what can happen when a property ownerdies without a will and there is disagreement among the heirs. I can see whythe probate has taken two years and there is no end in sight. At this point,the best you can do is try to get all the heirs to agree on a course of action.Otherwise, it will be up to the probate judge, and he might not decide what theheirs prefer.


DEAR BOB: Upon the recommendation of a trusted friend, myhusband and I invested about $225,000 in a group investment in a shoppingcenter. We had never seen the shopping center, but the Realtor said it was in agood area. That’s true. However, it is now about 40 percent vacant due to theRealtor’s bad management. Also, it needs at least $200,000 of repairs just tomake it attractive to prospective retail tenants. It is mortgaged to the hilt sowe can’t borrow more on a third mortgage. The other investors refuse to put anycash into the shopping center. The mortgage is two months in default. What canwe do? –Helen R.

DEAR HELEN: Now you know why I do not recommend group realestate investing, especially when the property is located a long distance awayand the owners are at the mercy of the property manager.

At this point, it appears selling the shopping center is theonly viable alternative to losing it by foreclosure. I wish I could be more encouragingbut without any equity on which you can borrow, getting the co-owners to agreeto a sale might be best.

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