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Top Home Values & Property Records in 95355

Search for home values and property records in 95355 by selecting one of the top home values markets listed. For nearby or other top

95355 real estate, home values or foreclosures

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Locke Rd
Long Barn Rd
Lookout Dr
Loreto Ct
Lorry Ave
Lovatti Ct
Lucern Ave
Mable Ave
Macbeth Ct
Maestro Way
Maid Mariane Ln
Majestic Oak Ct
Majestic Oak Dr
Malaga Way
Malden Ln
Mallard Ln
Mammoth Way
Manhasset Cir
Manor Oak Dr
Mansur Ct
Manzanita Dr
Maple Ridge Dr
Marble Dr
Marblehead Cir
Marcus Dr
Margate Way
Margo Dr
Marina Dr
Mariposa S Ave
Marklee Way
Marlboro Pl
Mars Hill St
Mars Hills St
Marston Way
Maryanna Ct
Marydale Way
Marymar Dr
Marzipan Pl
Mason Way
Massachusetts Way
Matalea Ct
Matisse Ct
Matisse Ln
Maverick Ct
Mcgerry St
Mcguire Ct
Mcguire Dr
Mcreynolds Ave
Mcritchie Way
Meadow Glen Dr
Meadow Grove St
Meadow Oak Dr
Meadow Rue Dr
Meadowlark Dr
Meadowood Dr
Meadowview Ct
Medicine Bow Dr
Medinah Ct
Medinah Way
Megan Way
Melissa Ln
Merle Ave
Mesquite Way
Miadora Ct
Mica Way
Midcrest Ct
Middleboro Pl
Milford Ln
Mill Bay Ct
Mill Oak Dr
Millbrook Ave
Millenium Pl
Millwood Dr
Milnes Rd
Milpas Ln
Mist Flower Ct
Misty Ln
Molino Dr
Momney Ct
Mont Cliff Ct
Montecito Ave
Montelena Ct
Montero Way
Monteview Dr
Montgomery Ln
Montmartre Dr
Montorra Dr
Montrose Ct
Moonstar Way
Morene Way
Morningside Dr
Moss Oak Ct
Mosswood Ln
Mountain Pride Ct
Mountain Quail Way
Muirswood Way
Mulholland Dr
Murrietta Ln
N Pointe Pl
Nako Ct
Nantucket Pl
Nassau Cir
Natchez Way
Nelda Way
Neptune Cv
Neptune Way
New Chesham Ct
New London Ln
New York Ave
Newcastle Ct
Newhampton Ct
Newhampton Way
Newkirk Way
Niabell Pl
Nina Ct
Nob Hill Ct
Noelle Ct
Nolte Ln
Nora Ln
Norik Dr
Northcrest Ct
Northern Dancer Dr
Northview Dr
Nugget Dr
Nut Tree Ln
Nystrom Ave
O Keefe Ct
Oakdale Rd
Oaklawn Dr
Ocotillo Way
Ojai Ln
Old Farm Rd
Old Glory Ct
Olinda Ln
Omega Way
Orchard Park Way
Orchard View Cir
Orchestra Pl
Orchid Ave
Orchid Ct
Orleans Way
Ortega Dr
Ostler Ct
Overholtzer Dr
Palliser Ct
Palliser Way
Palmdale Dr
Palmershiem Ct
Palmershiem St
Palmwood Dr
Palomar Way
Palomino Ln
Pantaleo Dr
Paper Bark Ct
Para Dr
Paramont Way
Parkcrest Dr
Parker Ranch Way
Parkview Dr
Pars Way
Patterson Rd
Patty Way
Paulette Ave
Pebble Ln
Pelucca Ln
Penhurst Park
Peppermint Ct
Peppermint Dr
Peppertree Ln
Perth Dr
Pescadero Pl
Peta Way
Petersburg Way
Phar Lap Ave
Pico Way
Pietriana Way
Pine Grove Pl
Pinecrest Ln
Pinenut Ct
Pinewood Ct
Pirates Cv
Plantation Ct
Plaudit Ct
Plaudit Dr
Playground Way
Pleasant Bay Cir
Portola Way
Portsmouth Ln
Potomac Way
Prairie Creek Way
Prairie Dog Dr
Prairie Dr
Presidio Ave
Preston Ln
Pridmore Ave
Primotivo Ct
Primrose Ln
Princeville Ct
Princeville Ln
Princewood Dr
Prospect Ln
Prospectors Pkwy
Prosperity Ct
Prosperity Way
Providence Way
Province Towne Ct
Pulaski Way
Purple Finch Ln
Pyrite Way
Quail Meadow Ct
Quail Meadow Dr
Quail Run Cir
Quarry Dr
Quarry Stone St
Queens Ave
Queens Gate Ct
Queens Gate Ln
Quiet Ct
Raintree Pl
Rampart St
Ramsgate Dr
Ranch House Cir
Randy Ave
Raquel Ln
Ravenstone Cir
Red Maple Dr
Rettering Ct
Revere Ln
Ridgemont Ct
Ridgemont Way
Riedel Way
Rimrock Ct
Rimrock Way
Rio Vista Dr
Ripple Ct
Ripple Dr
Riverton Way
Rochdale Ct
Rochdale Dr
Rockford Ave
Roland Gardens Ln
Roland Garros Ln
Romano Way
Rosario Ave
Rose Ave
Rose Walk Ct
Rose Walk Ln
Roselene Ave
Roselle Ave
Rosetti Ct
Roslyn Dr
Rossmoor Way
Rothchild Dr
Rozanna Ct
Rudge Pl
Ruffed Grouse Ln
Ruffian Ct
Rush Ct
Ruth Ave
Rutledge Pl
Saddle Creek Ln
Saddleback Ln
Saddlehorn Ln
Sage Ct
Sagemill Dr
Saginaw Ct
Saguaro Cir
Saguaro Way
Saint Ann Way
Saint Peters Ct
Saint Peters St
Saints Way
Salonie Ct
Salvador Dr
San Blas Ct
San Carlos Ln
San Domingo Way
San Felipe Way
San Lucas Ct
San Luis Way
San Marco Dr
San Miguel Ln
San Rafael Ave
Sand Stone St
Sandcreek Way
Sanderling Ave
Sandgate Dr
Sandy Ct
Santa Paula Dr
Santina Ct
Sapphire Dr
Satariano Ln
Scarborough Ct
Scarsdale Ln
Scenic Bnd
Scenic Ct
Scenic Dr
Scolinos Ct
Scottsdale Way
Seaglen Dr
Selby Ln
September Dr
Serena Ave
Serenity Ct
Seville Way
Shadewood Dr
Shadow Glen Dr
Shadow Oak Ln
Shady Grove Ln
Shady Park Ct
Shady Valley Ct
Shane Ln
Sharilyn Dr
Sharnee Cir
Sharon Ave
Sharonwood Dr
Shaye Ln
Shenandoah Way
Shiprock Ct
Shiprock Dr
Shiraz Way
Sleepy Hollow Ln
Snapdragon Ct
Snowy Egret St
Solano Cir
Songbird Ct
Sonoma Ave
Soquel Ct
Southfork Ln
Southgrove Ave
Southwell Ln
Spanos Ct
Spring Oak Ct
Spring Oak Dr
Spring Water Dr
Springcreek Dr
Springfield Way
St Ann Way
St Herman Ct
St Pauls Ct
St Pauls Way
St Peters Ct
Staci Ln
Stanton Harcourt Ln
Stanton Pl
Stanton Way
Star Oak Ave
Star Oak Ct
Steuben Way
Stone Crop Ln
Stone Ter
Stone Valley St
Stonebrook Dr
Stonecreek Cir
Stonemill Ct
Stoneridge Dr
Strathmore Dr
Sturm Dr
Suffolk Ln
Sugar Oak Ct
Summer Dr
Suncrest Ct
Sundance Lake Ct
Sundance Lake Dr
Sunland Way
Sunmist Ln
Sunny Island Ct
Sunny Oak Ct
Sunny Park Ct
Sunny Park Dr
Sunnyside Ave
Surrey Ave
Sweetwater Dr
Swenson Way
Sylvan Ave
Sylvan Meadows Dr
Tabriz Dr
Tabriz Pl
Tagura Dr
Talison Way
Tallent Dr
Tampico Ct
Tamsen Ct
Tehama Ct
Temescal Dr
The Blf
The Cv
Thomas Ct
Thorsen Ave
Tiki Ct
Tilton Pl
Toby Ct
Toby Ln
Topaz Way
Toronto Way
Torrey Pines Way
Tradewinds Ct
Tradition Way
Trafalgar Dr
Traveler Ct
Treasure Way
Trident Dr
Triplett St
Tulane Dr
Tumbleweed Ct
Tunstead Ln
Turnbridge Way
Turning Leaf Dr
Turquoise Ct
Turquoise Dr
Twin Brook Ct
Twin Creek Dr
Twin Falls Ct
Twin Oak Ln
Typhoon Ave
Ursini Ln
Valdez Ct
Valdez Dr
Valeriewood Way
Vallejo Dr
Vancouver Dr
Vanowen Ct
Ventana View Way
Vera Cruz Dr
Verano Ave
Victoria Park
Vienna Ct
Villagio Ct
Vine Cliff Way
Virlee Dr
Vista Dr
Von Savoye Ln
Wagon Wheel Ln
Walnut Blossom Way
Walnut Crest Way
Walnut Grove Way
Walnut Haven Dr
Walnut Park Dr
Walnut Ter
Walnut Tree Dr
Water St
Waterfall Ct
Wawona Ln
Westbury Ln
Westminster Dr
Whistler Ave
Wickford Cir
Wild Horse Way
Wild Palms Dr
Wildflower Dr
Will Scarlet Ct
Will Scarlet Way
Williamsburg Way
Willow Oak Ct
Wimbledon Ct
Winchester Ct
Winchester Way
Windsong Ave
Windwood Pl
Windy Cove Ct
Winfield Pl
Winford St
Winged Foot Ct
Winged Foot Way
Winslow Ct
Winsted Ln
Winters Dr
Witney Ct
Wolcott Way
Wolverine Ct
Wolverine Way
Wood Lily Ct
Wood Sorrel Dr
Woodacre Dr
Woodbine Dr
Woodbridge Ct
Woodbury Dr
Woodcrest Way
Woodfield Dr
Woodhill Way
Woodlark Ct
Woodlark Way
Woodmont Cir
Woodside Dr
Woodvale Dr
Woodwind Way
Woolston Ct
Woolston Way
Woonsocket Ln
Worchester Way
Wycliffe Ct
Wycliffe Dr
Wylie Dr
Wylmawood Ln
Yerington Ct
Zachary Ct
Zanie Ct
Zarand Dr
Zuccaro Way