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Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Appraiser provided by ServiceMagic.com.

Real estate appraising is the evaluation of property including the land, the dwellings and all the features on it. Although everyone knows it is necessary to appraise real estate to sell it, there are many other reasons people would contact a real estate appraiser.

Establish value to buy insurance.

Settle insurance claims.

Establish market value to sell a home or buy new property.

Establish market value to refinance or use for collateral on another loan.

Assess current value to get rid of obligation to buy property mortgage insurance. (If value has risen, owner's percentage of equity in property may have increased enough to eliminate the lender's requirement to pay for property mortgage insurance.)

Reduce property taxes. (If market value or property value has decreased since the property tax assessor last valued it.)

Estate settlement (to be dispersed to heirs or sold).

Division of assets to establish market value in case of divorce, dissolutions of partnerships, etc.

Conduct a right-of-way or easement appraisal. (If owner must sell a piece of land for road widening or to grant an easement, an appraiser can make sure they are paid the fair current market value.)

Business appraisals for the purchase, liquidations, financing or estate tax settlement businesses.

Special requirements for appraisals for FHA and VA loans, which not all real estate appraisers meet.

Remember, real estate appraisers must be state-licensed and certified.

Professional affiliation is also available with the National Association of Independent Fee appraisers, which offers a professionally recognized testing and certifying program to afford reasonable assurance to the general public of professional expertise, integrity and responsibility.

Some other credentials to look for: IFA (member), IFAA (agricultural member), IFAS (senior member) or IFAC (appraiser-counselor).


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