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With over 3 million visitors each month, RealtyTrac is not only helping real estate buyers and sellers, but also thousands of investors, agents, partners, affiliates, lenders and other related businesses grow their bottom line. Opportunities abound for both individuals and businesses to increase profits by affiliating with RealtyTrac.

4 Ways You Can Partner Up With RealtyTrac

Opportunities abound for both individuals and businesses to increase profits by affiliating with RealtyTrac.

Here are some of the programs offered to help professionals in the real estate industry expand their revenues:

The RealtyTrac Agent Network

Our select group of local real estate professionals is dedicated to helping
thousands of RealtyTrac members across the country buy and sell
property more easily and economically. The RealtyTrac Agent Network
provides its members with the tools they need to promote their services, along with exclusive access to our subscriber base.

Through membership in the RealtyTrac Agent Network, real estate professionals have the opportunity to connect directly with hundreds of thousands of prospective customers across the country. By becoming an exclusive agent in a specific RealtyTrac geographic territory, the agent’s name and picture appears in a banner on the search results page every time properties in that territory are requested. Territories are exclusive which means that only the owner of that territory receives all the leads from within that territory — absolutely FREE — from prospects which have requested to be contacted.

The RealtyTrac Lender Network

As a member of the RealtyTrac Lender Network, partners can dramatically increase their mortgage lender leads through exclusive access to our subscribers and other resources that help market their services to those subscribers.
Mortgage lender leads are generated by prospective customers filling out a short form on our website which includes such information as property location, readiness for action and type of loan they are interested in. Those forms, in turn, provide quality leads to our partners. In addition, free exclusive mortgage leads are available to partners who reserve territories.

For those who specialize in foreclosure mortgage, RealtyTrac is the top website people come to when looking to buy or sell foreclosure properties. Joining the RealtyTrac Lender Network opens the door to attracting thousands of lender leads in whatever area of expertise the partner specializes in.

The RealtyTrac Partner Network

Don't just expect clicks. Get high-quality conversions and returning traffic. Becoming part of the RealtyTrac Partner Network is a radically different way for partner websites to generate revenue. Through the Network, RealtyTrac is literally sharing the wealth with our foreclosure partners.

Foreclosures are the fastest growing sector of the real estate market, and RealtyTrac is one of the top foreclosure data providers in the country. That means not only will the partner’s website become an active portal for consumers interested in foreclosure information, it also means the partner can rest assured that the content we provide along with our other foreclosure data partnerships is the most trusted, real-time dynamic data available.

By partnering with RealtyTrac — the fourth largest real estate website, and the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties —partners instantly increase traffic to their websites.

The RealtyTrac Affiliate Network

Turn clicks into cash with the RealtyTrac Affiliate Program. Do you have a website? If so you are a great fit for the RealtyTrac Affiliate Program – one of the best affiliate earning programs around. Our affiliate marketing system allows you to set up a business relationship with RealtyTrac whereby we supply you with specially coded links/ads to place on your website. When a visitor clicks on the link at your site and subsequently subscribes to RealtyTrac, you receive a "referral fee."

RealtyTrac Advertising Opportunities

Thinking of internet advertising as a means to increase business? Advertising with RealtyTrac means tapping into its 3 million unique visitors each month. Whether they are first-time home buyers or seasoned real estate investors, our customers tend to be affluent and motivated to make home-related purchases. An impressive 46 percent of our site visitors have an annual household income above $75,000, and 28 percent make more than $100,000.

Not only do RealtyTrac’s partners gain exposure for their services and products, but they also get effective internet advertising by attracting the high-quality customers that make up their target market.

An effective advertising campaign in the internet environment should consist of a variety of tactics. By advertising with RealtyTrac, partners can streamline their advertising campaigns and reduce internet advertising costs. Our customer base covers many target audiences, so partners don’t need to spread their resources over multiple web sites to accomplish their marketing goals.

RealtyTrac’s advertising opportunities include:

  • Banner ads (targeting local or national customers)
  • Email sponsorships to customers within our 2.3 million email subscribers
  • Channel sponsorships to boost brand recognition and more

For companies that specialize in any aspect of the real estate industry, tapping into the vast opportunities that exist within RealtyTrac — one of the country’s largest real estate websites — can translate into soaring revenues!


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