RealtyTrac Agent Member Testimonials


The following cases represent actual agent members and relate their individual experiences utilizing the services and tools available to members of the RealtyTrac Agent Network.


“RealtyTrac is a really potent marquee. It’s special because it’s going to make your business special. It let’s you set yourself apart in the market. RealtyTrac is giving you an automation tool. Leverage it to your efficiency. It makes my day that much more productive.

Joe Henry
McLean, VA




Agent Flying High With RealtyTrac Buyer Leads

When Joe Henry began his real estate career three years ago he did what any seasoned pilot would do: set his course, used the right kind of fuel, hit the gas pedal and navigated to his desired destination.

A commercial pilot for the past 19 years (the last five flying for Southwest Airlines), Henry is based in McLean, Va., where he flies evening routes twice a week, leaving him plenty of time to focus on real estate at Keller Williams McLean.

And just like in his other career, Henry set his initial course: to sell as much real estate as possible during an economic downturn in the market. His fuel supplier: the RealtyTrac Agent Network™. The fuel itself: RealtyTrac buyer leads. His navigation program: RealtyTrac’s Lead Management System. Then he hit the gas, flew steady, kept on-course and made it to his destination safely and quickly.

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Marie Leaner





“Lead generation is the mantra in our business. The fact that I get leads that come to me are really great. They raise their hands and say I'm interested. It doesn't get better than that!"  

Marie Leaner
Chicago, IL





Agent's Persistence Landed Her an REO Listing

Even before she joined RealtyTrac, Marie Leaner was a top producing agent with Keller Williams in the Chicago area, selling upwards of $6 million a year in real estate. But as the market took a downturn, so did her sales volume. 

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Comments sent to us from our current and former members.

We recently purchased a home we found on your website, and so did my parents. Thank you for the great site!!

Suzanne - Reynoldsburg, OH
January 2006

I found a home using your service! Thanks!

Ronald - Las Vegas

Thank you for your service, I actually purchased a foreclosure home that I found off your website, for my daughter, and we are now in the process of fixing it up. I will be sure to recommend your service to friends and family. Thank you.

Robert - Hacienda Heights, CA
It's a great service, in fact the best that I've seen of its kind.

Rick - Land O Lakes, FL
The website is fantastic – it has up-to-date information and is user-friendly. I will certainly use this tool again when I am fully ready to purchase a home.

Kirsten - Kings Park, NY

Thank you for handling my request so promptly ... please be assured that I have referred RealtyTrac to others, and will continue to do so.

Cynthia - Chicago

I used the service for two months and liked it very much. I found your service of value and I would recommend it to others. I may even use it again when I'm back in the housing market in a few years.

Steve - Washington, DC

Thank you so much for your assistance. I was able to purchase a property for a third of the market value.

Jose - Bethlehem, PA

I have successfully purchased a home through foreclosure and will no longer need your services.

Jason - Napa, CA

Great Service - Thanks a lot!

Silvio - Aurora, CO

I had very favorable results with RealtyTrac. I originally subscribed to your service in order to find a primary residence for myself … I didn't have as much capital as I would've liked to have to find a house that would possibly carry some instant equity with it. I currently have an offer in on a house that I was able to follow through the foreclosure process, and be the first in line for it. Thanks again for the service.

William - Clinton, UT

We found a house. It is sweet. Thanks for you help. Your service was unreal...
Thank you RealtyTrac.

Jon - Pleasanton, CA
RealtyTrac is a great service. I actually went to a few of the houses that I had seen on the site and was impressed … It was a really positive experience and I'm recommending RealtyTrac to all my friends that are looking for houses on the market. Keep up the good work!


Orlando - Miami

It was just a perfect match ! I found the house in a good area of town. I saw who the mortgage was with and called for more information. About 3 days later I received a phone call from the company rep asking if I wanted to put a bid on the house. I still needed more information. She said she would call as soon as she got it. I called my real estate agent in the meantime who assured me that this deal couldn't be as good as it seemed. She was right ! After some research we found 4 outstanding loans on the house, two turned out to be already paid off, still leaving a debt of $350,000. But, with enough persistence, the bank agreed to sell the house for just over the break even amount. Needless to say we still jumped on the house and are in the process of closing. We can't wait to start renovating and move in. Thanks again for having such a great service and allowing me to find a wonderful home in a great neighborhood that I could afford.

Michael - Redondo Beach, CA

Actually, this was an interesting experience. I don't know anything about realty, and even less about foreclosures/REOs. Your site gave me a list of like 1000 REOs in my county.
I picked the ones in the areas I liked, and wrote everything down about them … I narrowed it down to four homes, and got ALL necessary info from your site.
It just so happened that our last MLS home was on the same street as the last RealtyTrac home, so we stopped by.
We fell completely in love with the house. Within a couple of days, we had most of the paperwork done for our loan, and put a bid in for 110k, about 28k less than it should be worth for the area. Our bid was accepted in terms of money, though there was some haggling on the length of escrow … but we're in escrow on the house now, have put 2k down on it, and are finishing up the paperwork on our loan now.
Everybody said REO houses were usually trashed, and it wasn't really. It's in the mountains, and while most homes up there have a fireplace or a pot bellied stove, this particular home turned out to have both a huge floor to ceiling rock fireplace AND central heating. There also turned out to be multiple stained glass windows throughout the home, and the interior is real cedar and mahogany. The house is FULL of HUGE double-paned windows, and the yard has been cleared to landscape with some partial landscaping done. The lot is double sized, and flat (great for parking) and there's even a small garage, a deck, and a private balcony off the master bedroom. I really can't believe how wonderful it is.
Thanks for everything, and I'll tell EVERYBODY I find out are house-hunting about your service.

Michelle - San Bernardino, CA
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