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"An outstanding seminar for the new and seasoned investor. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone serious about investing. The take-home material and homework [are] second to none."
"This seminar is a must for every California investor—especially new ones!"
"A great teacher and business role model. Great value and best prices of all the seminar 'gurus.' California specific was the missing link for me. He was the first one to address the uniqueness of our state."
"The information presented was worth a hundred times the price of admission. There is no other place you can find such valuable information that is so applicable to our success as Real Estate investors."
"The material quality, strategies, and cycle information equip the California investor with what is needed to be successful."
"This is the only source of foreclosure info that I’ve been to that is California-specific. That makes a tremendous difference."
"Specific emphasis on California was crucial. From market trends and tailored buying strategies to straightforward explanations of foreclosure-specific laws."
"Exceeded my expectations. I would recommend it to others; awesome seminar. It will make me a lot of money."
"Bruce is THE California teacher. If you’re going to be in our business in California, you must listen to Bruce."
"I have never been disappointed in one of your courses and this is no exception! This was, by far, the best ever."
"The Norris Group has wrecked my ability to attend other seminars. The Norris Group is a world-class company who puts on world-class seminars with world-class documentation."
"The quality and presentation of the speaker and materials are quite frankly the best that I’ve experienced. I look forward to attending the next three events."
"This seminar provides such a unique edge; I can hardly express my gratitude for Bruce’s choice to do a California only investor’s course. I have taken several national courses and they have left me knowledgeable, but not where I felt competent enough to go out and do a deal. Well done, Bruce!"
"I didn’t think it was possible, but you outdid yourself—this was the best event yet! Your explanations and attention to detail gave clarity to concepts I’ve heard about but never fully comprehended. This series is phenomenal: very professional, superb research and explanations, integrity galore. Thanks for another superb Norris experience."
"Outstanding event. Exceptional information, well-presented and valuable for investors at every level. Bruce’s integrity, ethics, and sincerity are, once again, crystal clear throughout. Bruce and his seminars are standouts in every regard."
"The seminar was scholarly in approach and encyclopedic in depth. Thank you for an informative and eye opening seminar. Overall, this was the best manual I have ever received in ~20 years of attending seminars."
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California Real Estate Investing Guide

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  • Author: Bruce Norris, The Norris Group Inc.
  • Course Format: Recorded Live Event
  • Course CD's: 5 CD's
  • Course Manual: 145 Pages - Full Color
  • Included Resources: Forms, checklists, call scripts, formulas, and more

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California "Only" – Investor Essentials Course

Essentials Every Smart California Real Estate Investor Must Know

Course Overview

This is the first course in The Norris Group’s all new, California-specific series. The Norris Group designed and priced this introductory course so that new and experienced investors alike can see the quality and value they are committed to delivering. It's usually priced at $997 - a good value at that price; however, in an effort to make it easy for everyone to experience a great program, they are offering the course for only $97. RealtyTrac will also include a one month premium membership to go along with it (for new and current members).

From 25 years of experience investing in real estate we’ve seen many people struggle to become successful wholesale buyers, the most common problem stemming from a lack of absolute command of the essential elements of real estate investing

You must know and have command of the following topics to have a chance at success as a California real estate investor:

  1. How to determine the current position of the California cycle and how to target likely sellers
  2. How to engage sellers in conversations
  3. How to quickly appraise a property
  4. How to understand and accurately estimate repairs
  5. How to write up offers that make sense
  6. How to have an unlimited supply of money to buy deals
  7. How to hire the right contractor
  8. How to protect yourself with insurance
  9. How to sell your properties in both easy and tough markets
  10. Which is the best business entity to hold real estate
  11. How to develop a game plan that allows you to make financial progress with minimal risk
  12. And more…

Last, but certainly not least, you must PRACTICE! The course includes 10 days of assignments to "cement" the concepts so you completely "get it" under your belt once and for all!

The course also includes a full-color, 145 page manual and 5 audio CDs. The 10 days of assignments are included in the manual and also in a special online training portal which you will have access to. Hundreds of dollars of discounts and bonuses are built into this product alone!

Please click the links above to view the table of contents, included tools and resources, user testimonials, author biography and company overview.

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