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Flipping Profits More Than Triple from 2012 By Jennifer Karmon, Yahoo Homes July 19, 2013 According to figures just released by RealtyTrac, gross profits have soared an average of 246 percent nationwide in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. Home Flippers Come Roaring Back By Rick Newman, Yahoo! July 19, 2013 They went underground during the housing bust, but home flippers are now making a comeback. And this time, they may be helping the housing market recover instead of destabilizing it. Home Flipping Up; Profits Soar in Some Markets By Pamela M. Prah, July 19, 2013 The real-life version of “Flip This House” is making a comeback. Flipping Houses Soars in D.C. Metro Region By Kathy Orton, Washington Post July 19, 2013 Flipping homes – where a house is bought, renovated and resold within months – is undergoing a resurgence in the D.C. metro area, according to a report released Friday by RealtyTrac, a real estate data firm. Flipping Booming Again in Southwest Florida By Josh Salman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune July 19, 2013 Rising home prices and pent-up demand from buyers have again made the housing market in Southwest Florida ripe for property flippers, a new report shows. House Flipping is Back, Flourishing Again By Diana Olick, CNBC July 19, 2013 For the past several years single-family housing investors have been playing the buy and hold game. Strong rental demand and soft home prices made that the best bet. Now, with home prices up more than 12 percent from a year ago, the strategy is sudde House Flipping: More Homes Being 'Flipped' in Port St. Lucie By Alex Sanz, WPTV July 19, 2013 Port St. Lucie has been named one of the top 15 real estate markets in the United States where someone can buy a home, sell it in six months and turn a profit, according to the RealtyTrac Midyear 2013 Home Flipping Report. Using IRAs to Buy Real Estate By Brian O'Connell, NuWire Investor July 16, 2013 RealtyTrac has identified 15 retirement hotspots, six of which are in Florida, and analysts there say getting in early and financing with an IRA is a good way to get ahead of the game. Florida Leads U.S. in Vacant Foreclosures By The Bradenton Times June 28, 2013 The sunshine state has more vacant homes in foreclosure than any other state in the nation – and no one else is even close. With more than 55,000 homes in foreclosure sitting vacant, Florida has more than the next five states combined, according to a RealtyTrac Launches New Renovation Loan Center By RealtyTrac Staff June 27, 2013 New Online Center Powered by Proven FHA 203k Training Resource REbuildUSA Renovation Loans Available for Purchase or Refinance With as Little as 3.5 Percent Down Print Email

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