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Where Wall Street is Most Likely to Cash out of the Single Family Rental Market By Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac Vice President December 16, 2014 After nearly three years and hundreds of thousands of property purchases, the nascent single family rental industry is at a crossroads in terms of future growth and long-term staying power. Will Mortgage Rates Fall In 2015? By Peter Miller, Contributor December 15, 2014 Mortgage rates are supposed to rise in 2015, at least that’s the prediction from the housing industry. Is Real Estate Ownership Now Beyond Reach? By Peter Miller, Contributor December 9, 2014 Real estate predictions for the coming year suggest both increased sales and higher prices, but will that be the case? Rising Private Debt Holds Back Housing Market By Octavio Nuiry, Senior Staff Writer December 1, 2014 As of September 2014, American consumers owe $11.71 trillion in private debt, up 0.7 percent from the second quarter of 2014, an increase of $78 billion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. Will New Government Protections Produce Fewer Mortgage Hassles? By Peter Miller, Contributor November 26, 2014 With tens of millions of mortgages outstanding it might seem as though every possible loan question has been resolved, that the lending system would have an answer for absolutely any situation that might arise. Will Changing Lender Standards Mean Less Borrower Paperwork? By Peter Miller, Contributor November 25, 2014 Since the first days of Wall Street Reform lenders have complained that the standards are too tight. 20 Most Affordable Markets with Good Schools By Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac Vice President November 18, 2014 A RealtyTrac analysis today identified the top zip codes with the ideal combination of good schools and affordable home prices — and also with low unemployment rates below the national average. Are Real Estate Brokers An Endangered Species? By Peter Miller, Contributor November 17, 2014 Some 18,000 people gathered in New Orleans this month to look at the future of real estate brokerage. U.S. Foreclosure Activity Increases 15 Percent in October Driven by 17-Month High in Scheduled Foreclosure Auctions By RealtyTrac Staff November 13, 2014 Foreclosure filings were reported on 123,109 U.S. properties in October, an increase of 15 percent from the previous month but still down 8 percent from a year ago. Shifting Housing Demographics Could Lift Home Sales By Octavio Nuiry, Senior Staff Writer November 12, 2014 For decades, baby boomers drove existing homes sales. Now, shifting demographic trends are putting the brakes on home sales. Many cash-strapped millennials — saddled with high levels of student debt — are unable to purchase a home because low-paying Print Email

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