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RealtyTrac Revamped for 2013: Video

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RealtyTrac has completely revamped its website for 2013 to help you find foreclosures and other real estate deals faster and more efficiently. You’ll find a much more powerful search functionality with the a redesigned map search interface, along with cleaner property details pages that organize the critical property data you need more intuitively and provide quick access to online tools to help you take action on properties that interest you.

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Charles, thanks also for your feedback. As I mentioned in a previous comment, we are planning a full slate of training videos going through the new website to be coming soon. We also offer a free Foreclosure 101 & Website Demo Webinar for all members of RealtyTrac that you may not be aware of. You can sign up for the next live webinar at or view a recording of the most recent webinar (which uses the new site for the demo) at Posted: January 4, 2013 by: darenb
Sweetgumga, Thanks for your feedback. We are planning a more in-depth series of videos covering how to navigate the new site and use it to its full potential. This video was meant just as a quick overview to give you a taste of what the new site has to offer. Addressing some of your specific comments: you can use the advanced search to quickly filter the search results by equity -- either negative equity or positive equity. In terms of identifying areas with strong price appreciation, you can search Stats & Trends for the state or county you're interested in and then click on the "Sales" tab to see a list of cities with the biggest increases in home prices (as well as a list of cities with the biggest decreases). To access this go to For many of the other owner-related filtering you want to do, the best solution may be our MEGA product, which allows you to download in bulk the raw foreclosure and other real estate records that power the RealtyTrac website. You can narrow down records you download by an extensive list of filters, including equity, loan characteristics, and owner name, along with many others. It's free to access MEGA and run queries to see how many records match your criteria, and then you pay per record downloaded if you decide to actually download. To access MEGA go to Posted: January 4, 2013 by: darenb
For the money I pay to have access to this site it seems you could spend a little money in a decent training series of videos. This video helps very little and I got no info from it that would compel me to join if I were not already a member. Posted: January 4, 2013 by: Charles
I got very little from that video. You might create many videos with voice explaining... , one for each area, search, data, pulling lists, searching for properties with equity or under water etc etc. My biggest need is searching for: - out of state owners - not owner occupied, with equity, under water etc - pre forclosure with equity - big picture searches: - in a state/area/view on the map: give me areas that are seeing highest price appreciation (heat map style), sales volume increase(heat map style) and in what price segments, by cash buyers (hedge funds / investors) or financed (retail interest). - I need help pushing me out of my familiar zips into new emerging markets that I don';t know about. You have the data, it just needs creative presentation. The stock market folks invented the heat map. You can create a heat map where I click on the criteria to differentiate. - Owner: I REALLY need more details on non-institution owners (cash buyers). Address/phone etc, IE person search. At least help me sort on owner and create filters to eliminate the banks / institutions. - then help me find the contact info for the LLCs and persons. Please call me if you want to talk about the above. Get my contact info from my profile. sweetgumga Posted: January 4, 2013 by: Sweetgumga

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