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Buying Beat-Up Foreclosures

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In the June 2013 issue of the Foreclosure News Report, we wrote an amazing story about “Buying Beat-Up Foreclosures.” We had the opportunity to interview Reggie Brooks, an expert on finding and fixing-up  abandoned and beat up foreclosures.

Reggie, who has bought and sold hundreds of foreclosed fixers in Los Angles, Calif., reveals some of the secrets to his success. To  read the full article you’ll want to subscribe to our award-winning Foreclosure News Report, a monthly e-newsletter filled with remarkable real estate news, interesting features, penetrating opinions pieces by industry leaders and legal and legislative updates  affecting the real estate marketplace.

We are so convinced that you will enjoy the Foreclosure News Report that we are offering you a free issue by clicking here.

Finally, here’s a short video about what we  discovered from Reggie about “Buying Beat-Up Foreclosures.”

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