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The Real Reason New Home Sales Are Down By Peter Miller, Contributor April 29, 2014 The real estate industry has been trying to explain lagging new home sales in the best way it can, but are such interpretations correct? If you’re a real estate investor or home buyer there’s an alternative you may want to consider. The Boyko Question: ‘Show Me the Note?’ Muddles Financial Waters By Peter Miller, Contributor April 28, 2014 Five years ago a conservative federal judge in a conservative state stopped 14 foreclosure actions with a very simple demand for lenders: Show me the note? 47 Least Affordable U.S. Housing Markets By Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac Vice President April 23, 2014 RealtyTrac recently analyzed the affordability of renting and buying in 1,586 U.S. counties and found a surprising number of Americans living in markets that are unaffordable by traditional standards. New York’s New Breed of Penthouses By Guest Contributor April 22, 2014 While secluded scenery and large plots of land may be the markers of success in the rest of the country, in Manhattan, there’s simply no symbol of having achieved your dreams like owning sky-high reality in one of the city’s premier penthouses. How Money Walks Away from Higher Taxes: Map Shows Cash Fleeing States By Octavio Nuiry, Senior Staff Writer April 18, 2014 Certain states have lost a significant portion of their tax base (and population) in recent years due to rising taxes, according to, a national website created in conjunction with the book “How Money Walks,” which focuses on how Shrinking Middle Class Hurts Housing By Octavio Nuiry, Senior Staff Writer April 18, 2014 Incomes are dropping. And that’s not good for the real estate industry, nor is it good news for the American Dream of homeownership. Should Fannie and Freddie Bankroll ‘Affordable Housing’ By Octavio Nuiry, Senior Staff Writer April 17, 2014 On Jan. 24, 33 Democratic senators sent a letter to Federal Housing Finance Agency director Mel Watt, requesting funding for two initiatives that have been suspended since their inception in 2008 — the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) and the Capit How Tight Credit Is Putting the Squeeze on Housing By Octavio Nuiry, Senior Staff Writer April 17, 2014 Writing about how tight credit is squeezing out first-time homebuyers, Dr. Kenneth T. Rosen, chairman of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics at UC Berkeley, penned an illuminating article for the Foreclosure News Report. Why 2014 Will Be a Downer for Mortgage Lenders By Peter Miller, Contributor April 15, 2014 There’s little doubt that 2014 is going to be a tough year for mortgage lenders, something which has been apparent for some time. The New World of Mortgage ‘Buffers’ By Peter Miller, Contributor April 8, 2014 There’s a great curiosity in the real estate marketplace: interest rates are low while home values have yet to reach the prices seen in 2007 and yet borrowers are having trouble getting loans. Print Email

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