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91-Year-Old Buys Her First Home

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Vera Bigham, 91, never owned a home before. But on her 91st birthday, the Jamestown, Calif., resident unpacked the American Dream.

“I always wanted my own place,” Bigham told ABC News’ Tim  Daly. “In fact, I had visions of getting a little land, but I didn’t have the money. I was never financially able to do that.”

But her luck changed this spring.

“On May 6, it was my 91st birthday,” she said. “We moved into this. I got a house for my birthday.”

So, how did she become a home owner? It turns out Bigham’s road to home ownership was triggered by a series of unlikely events. Bigham fell for a scam.

“I gave them my checking account and savings account number,” she said. “And they withdrew $399.”

Then, she and her daughter Gail went to banks to close accounts and went to the Veterans Administration to straighten out pension matters. The VA worker told her because of her husband’s service during the Korean War she was still eligible for a GI home loan. Her husband, Donald Bigham, was shot down over North Korea in 1951 while dropping leaflets from his plane.

“It’s through the Lord and my husband that we have this,” said Bigham.

Because she’s 91, Vera will be living with Gail. She told ABC’s Daly that they are still getting settled.

“Our routine is two boxes a day,” joked Bigham. “That’s it.”

She’s not in a hurry to unpack because she’s finally realizing the American Dream.

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