Using Foreclosure Real Estate Agent Tools


Although it probably should have been done sooner, it is never too late to reflect on what works — and what has not worked — for your real estate business.

Don’t Forget to Diversify Your Business Model

Once you’ve taken stock, there is still plenty of time to adjust your business plan for the future. And that necessarily entails adapting and diversifying your business model to reflect the demand of a changing marketplace as you move forward.

How RealtyTrac Helps Agents Diversify

At RealtyTrac we have invested a lot of time and money bringing you the best tools and information available in the industry. From agent programs and territories, to buyer leads and enhanced property search features, our online tools are geared toward helping you succeed no matter what part of the real estate cycle the market is in.

Traditional business tools that worked when the market was red hot over the past few years are not going to serve you as well now when it comes to working your agent leads and finding a home for your clients. Until the market cycle turns the corner and resumes its upward momentum (at some unknown time in the future), working foreclosure leads with home buyers, real estate investors and distressed sellers will take a different approach whether the client is buying investment property or a home to live in.

Like any smart business owner will do, whether you are working during a downturn in the business cycle or an upswing, diversification in marketing strategies is the name of the game in order to capitalize from as many business angles as possible.

Business has definitely picked up in the foreclosure sector. So as a member of the RealtyTrac Agent Network™ you have already come to the realization that there is more than one way to sell real estate. When it comes to house hunting, real estate agents need a reliable and dependable source of foreclosure information that will help guide them in finding the right home for the right buyer or investor, and that source is RealtyTrac.

Currently, RealtyTrac features more than 1.5 million property listings from over 2,200 counties nationwide representing approximately 90 percent of the U.S. population.

In addition, membership in the Agent network provides you with our enhanced marketing tools including high-tech mapping by Microsoft Virtual Earth, Mapping Agent (giving you more online real estate on which to display your banner to consumers), Featured Property (allowing you to advertise your listings with a large color photo at the top of our search page), RealtyTrac Connect (hooking up incoming phone calls from qualified buyers with an agent in a particular geographic area), and the RealtyTrac Lead Management System to organize all leads for any real estate agent.

Studies conducted by the California Association of Realtors have shown that the great majority of today’s home buyers conduct a property search on the internet long before contacting a real estate agent. When they search the RealtyTrac website it generates leads for our agent members which can turn into house hunting — and possibly a home purchasing opportunity.

By taking advantage of what RealtyTrac has to offer from a business perspective then, real estate agents can profit exponentially from the leads generated whether it means home buying for first-timers, or searching to buy investment property for experienced investors.

In either case, it translates into a fruitful and successful year in the real estate business in any market. All it takes is commitment on your part, and belief that you can help make a difference in the lives of people looking to purchase a home or investment real estate, and in the lives of those distressed homeowners looking to get out from under a financial crisis.

Now, go diversify!


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