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General Banner Ad Unit Specification
  Leaderboard Skyscraper Vert Banner Rectangle Pop Under
Dimensions 728 X 90 120 X 600 120 X 240 300 X 250 720 X 300
Maximum File Size ------------------------------------40K------------------------------------ 50K
Accepted File Types --------------------------html, gif, jpg, flash and javascript-------------------------
Ad Serving Technology
Geo-Targeting capabilities allows advertiser to target by State, City, Zip Code, and Area Code. Location affects every advertising decision – where to advertise, what to promote and what the message should be. Simply, advertising can market more effectively when they know where their viewers are and how they'll view an ad.
Site-Targeting capabilities allows advertiser to target by channel/vertical. Targeting a specific ad to a specific channel creates a more relevant user experience- letting advertisers connect with people who are likely to be interested in their product or service.
Behavioral Targeting allows advertiser to target by behavioral segment. Find relevant audiences based on where they go and what they do online based on Behavioral Targeting.
  • Post Click and Post Impression Action Tracking To Increase eCPM rates
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Integration of Frequency and Revenue Caps
Creative Development If you're interested in advertising with RealtyTrac, but don't have the resources to produce the creative for an ad, we can help! Just provide us with your concept, and our design and technology teams will develop the creative for you. Contact us at 949-502-8300 x252 or at for more details.

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