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The Latest News from RealtyTrac

RealtyTrac Adds 2.5 Million Recently Sold Properties  

RealtyTrac last month added more than 2.5 million recently sold properties -- both foreclosures and non-foreclosures -- nationwide, arming members with additional information to determine the true value of properties in any given neighborhood.


Members can view the recently sold properties in the new "Recently Sold" tab in the list search or by clicking on the Recently Sold flag in the map search. There is an option to view recently sold properties for the last three months, six months or nine months.


The property details for each recently sold property contains not only the sales price and date, but property characteristics such as number of beds and baths, square footage and year built, along with the foreclosure status (if applicable) of the property when it sold.


Here's a video showing how it works.