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Top 10 Foreclosure States
Year-End 2009 - Total Properties With Foreclosure Filings
3.Arizona 163,210
4.Illinois 131,132
5.Michigan 118,302
6.Nevada 112,097
7.Georgia 106,110
8.Ohio 101,614
9.Texas 100,045
10.New Jersey


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Finding short sale bargains on RealtyTrac


RealtyTrac members can easily identify potential short sale bargains on RealtyTrac using the following steps.



1. Search any county, city or zip code nationwide.



2. Click the Pre-Foreclosure or Auction tab on the search results.



3. Click the “Status” column to sort all for-sale properties to the top and then Click any “FOR SALE” icon to view the listing and foreclosure details.



4. Compare the List Price to the First Loan Amount and Est. Market Value to determine if the property represents a potential short sale bargain.



5. Click on the “Trends” tab to view more details about the property’s sales history and price-per-square-foot comparison to other properties in the same zip code.