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Chicago Tops in Owner-vacated Properties in Foreclosure By UPI June 20, 2013 Chicago has the highest number of owner-vacated foreclosed properties among major U.S. cities in June, online foreclosure marketplace RealtyTrac said. Winston-Salem tops NC in Percentage of Owner-vacated Foreclosures By Richard Craver, Winston-Salem Journal June 20, 2013 The Winston-Salem metropolitan statistical area has the highest percentage of owner-vacated foreclosures of the state’s largest urban areas, according to a report timed for release Thursday by RealtyTrac Inc. Florida Leads U.S. in Vacated Foreclosure Homes By WINK News June 20, 2013 RealtyTrac, the leading online marketplace for real estate data, today released a report showing that as of June owners had vacated 167,680 foreclosure properties nationwide. Ohio Number 4 for Owner-vacated Foreclosures By Ann Thompson, WVXU June 20, 2013 A new report released Thursday from RealtyTrac finds Ohio fourth on the list among owners who had vacated 167,680 foreclosure properties nationwide. Nearly 3-in-10 Oregon Homes in Foreclosure are Vacant By Elliot Njus, The Oregonian June 20, 2013 An outsize number of Oregon homes in foreclosure are empty even though they still belong to the homeowner who took out the mortgage. Florida Tops for Foreclosures; Sarasota Ranked 16th By Josh Salman, Herald-Tribune June 20, 2013 Florida has more empty properties in foreclosure than any other state, and the Sarasota-Bradenton area ranks among the 20 largest markets nationwide with vacant bank-owned properties, a new report shows. Banks Sit on Vacant, Repossessed 'Must-Sell' Homes By Kate Berry, American Banker June 20, 2013 Banks are sitting on hundreds of thousands of vacant homes that are in foreclosure and repossessed properties at a time when housing inventory is at a low point, RealtyTrac said. Agents Target Unlisted Foreclosures with More Success By Teke Wiggin, Inman News June 20, 2013 More than 8 in 10 real estate owned (REO) properties — 500,000-plus homes that could ease today’s sharp inventory shortage — are unlisted, according to RealtyTrac. Charlotte Saddled with Abandoned Foreclosed Homes By Susan Stabley, Charlotte Business Journal June 20, 2013 Charlotte ranks 31st among U.S. metropolitan areas for the number of foreclosed homes that have been vacated by their owners. Texas Facing High Percentage of Vacant Foreclosures By Tricia Lynn Silva, San Antonio Business Journal June 20, 2013 Whether you use the term zombie foreclosure or the less sexy moniker vacant foreclosure, the phenomenon is the same. Print Email

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