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Top 10 States for Foreclosure: August 2013 By Chris Persaud, September 16, 2013 Live in one of these 10 states? According to RealtyTrac, a California-based firm that tracks foreclosures, your state had one of the highest rates of foreclosure in August. 13 Percent of Colorado Homeowners "Deeply Underwater" in September By Howard Pankratz, Denver Post September 5, 2013 Nationwide, 10.7 million homeowners remain "deeply underwater," which means they owe at least 25 percent more on their mortgages than their properties are worth, RealtyTrac said in a report Thursday. 1 in 5 Mortgages in Richmond is Deeply Underwater By Carol Hazard, hmond Times-Dispatch September 5, 2013 Nearly one in every five homeowners with mortgages in the Richmond area is deeply underwater, according to a report released this morning by an online researcher of foreclosures. 19 Percent of Pa.'s Underwater Mortgages Resurfacing By Jason Scott , Central Penn Business Journal September 5, 2013 Pennsylvania is in the upper half of states in the number of “deeply underwater” mortgages, or those where homeowners owe at least 25 percent or more than their properties are worth. 31 Percent of Atlanta Mortgages are Underwater By Valerie Hoff , WXIA-TV September 5, 2013 More than 10 million homeowners across the country are deeply underwater on their mortgages, according to 18 Percent of S.C. Homeowners Owe More on Mortgage Than House’s Value By Liz Segrist , Colombia Regional Business Report September 5, 2013 In South Carolina, 18% of homeowners are deeply underwater — meaning the homeowner owes at least 25% more on the mortgage than the property is worth — according to a RealtyTrac report released today. Orlando Top for Deeply Underwater Homes By Matt Sokoloff, September 5, 2013 Metro Orlando came out as one of the highest areas for homes that are deeply underwater. Real Estate Professionals Must Battle Foreclosure 'Zombies' to Survive By Krista Franks Brock, DS News September 4, 2013 As home prices improve and headlines spell out recovery, those on the ground in housing markets across the country are encountering a new threat: “zombies.” RealtyTrac Ranks Top Markets for Health and Wealth By Megan Hopkins, HousingWire August 26, 2013 Texas, North and South Dakota, Utah, North Carolina, California, Tennessee, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa and Arkansas were named the top housing markets for good health and building real estate wealth by RealtyTrac and Local Market Monitor. Top 10 States for Foreclosure: July 2013 By Chris Persaud, August 19, 2013 According to RealtyTrac, a California-based firm that tracks foreclosures, your state had one of the highest rates of foreclosure in July. Nationally, 1 in every 1,001 housing units received a foreclosure filing last month. Print Email

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