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Real Estate Foreclosures: Florida Leads Nation By Alan FarnHam, ABC News April 11, 2013 According to real estate data-supplier RealtyTrac, U.S. foreclosure starts increased 2 percent from February to March, the second straight monthly increase following three consecutive monthly decreases. Experts Warn About An 'Outbreak Of Delayed Foreclosures Down The Road' By Mamta Badkar, Business Insider April 11, 2013 In March, 152,500 properties received a foreclosure filing in March. This is according to RealtyTrac's latest report. This was down 1 percent from February and down 23 percent from a year ago. Properties Entering The Foreclosure Process Spiked 200% In New York By Mamta Badkar, Business Insider April 11, 2013 New York City's comeback has been one of the hottest housing stories. Foreclosures in New Jersey Still Up By Tom De Poto, The Star-Ledger April 11, 2013 Foreclosures continue to climb in New Jersey from last year, but at a slower pace than other states that saw an increase, according to data from RealtyTrac. Growing Shadow Inventory of Palm Beach Foreclosed Homes By Kimberly Miller, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer April 6, 2013 There’s blight at the corner of Happiness Street and Rainbow Avenue in suburban West Palm Beach. Investors Widen U.S. Rental Search as Home Costs Rise By John Gittelsohn & Heather Perlberg, Bloomberg April 4, 2013 In Memphis, a three-bedroom home generates a 10.4 percent annual return on investment compared with 8.8 percent in Phoenix, 9.7 percent in Atlanta and 9.9 percent in Las Vegas, according to the RealtyTrac report. 20 Best Cities to Buy Single-Family Rentals By AOL Real Estate Editors April 4, 2013 According to online foreclosure marketplace RealtyTrac, there are still plenty of cities out there that offer ample opportunity for everyday buyers to purchase single-family homes and rent them out at a decent profit. RealtyTrac: Top Markets for Single-Family Rentals By Krista Franks Brock, April 4, 2013 Topping the list of top 20 markets were Memphis, Tennessee; Saginaw, Michigan; Toledo, Ohio; Ocala, Florida; and Las Vegas, Nevada. Bang for the Buck: Where Investing in Rental Homes Is Most Profitable By Robbie Whelan, Wall Street Journal April 4, 2013 Where can you make the most money as a rental-housing landlord? Not California, according to a study released today by foreclosure-tracking firm RealtyTrac. 20 Cities Where it Pays to Buy a Rental By Marilyn Lewis , MSN Money April 4, 2013 Deep-pocket financiers and investors have swarmed the U.S. real estate market, scooping up cheap foreclosures and recession bargains to rent them out. You'd think there's nothing left for the little guy. Print Email

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