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Proper Mindset Leads to Investor Success

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Nothing in Doug Clark’s background suggested a career in real estate. In fact, before a friend suggested he check out investing in real estate via attending real estate auctions, Clark was an airline pilot. What he did learn, though, is that it was possible — through real estate — to earn $50,000 before lunch. Not everyday, but some days. And definitely not when he first started out in the business, but it did finally start happening to him.

What made the difference was having the proper mindset going in. Coming up with creative ways to find properties that penciled out as good potential investment opportunities such as using bird dogs or real estate agents, or approaching For Sale By Owner properties (FSBOs).

In the video below, Clark, co-host of Spike TV’s “Flip Men” discusses how having the proper mindset can lead to some very creative solutions to finding win win investment opportunities.

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